The Warlock is a visionary, A one-man brand if you will. Entirely D.I.Y. he handles everything himself, from the album artwork, videos, writing, recording, and engineering. Although only avoiding the task of producing the beats, It's more than made up for with his infamously intricate lyricism which is never absent from his songs. Being born and raised in the state of Washington he was around music all his life and first started writing poetry before his teenage years. This self trained artist eventually moved to Albuquerque and groomed his style to the present point where he's extremely polished, yet seems to finally be just getting his start! with The Warlock's brand new upcoming project "Disenchanted Youth", a kids' show/program themed rap album, it should be clear that this unique and creative mind is already light-years ahead of the rest with the abundance of projects he has under wraps and still in development!


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The new EP. Coming soon...